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Music Discussion: Cleveland Heights, OH Music Producer Bdash joins RCO Radio to Discuss Music, Musicmaking, Sampling, Music & Social Media ... and more
Tape Date: September 3, 2014

"Music that helps you appreciate the moment and never forget it ... is the way Bdash's Soundcloud music stream is described ... this sentiment is completely backed up with music that is about appreciating good moments ... special thoughts and memories. There is a lot of goodness and wisdom in the way he puts it dow and honors his skills ... expansive in terms of where he takes them but and allows them to take him, the quality is there through and through. Cleveland Heights, OH producer Brian Houston joins RCO Radio to discuss his impressive musicmaking, he will introduce the radio debut of "The One," share about his brand strategy development and marketing company Adzo Entertainment, and other current and future projects.

LINKS: Connect with Brian Houston at Adzo Entertainment, and on Soundcloud

Music Credits: Intro track: WavesandStars, Feature Track: The One, Outro Track: Zen Fusion, Bonus Fade: The One All music composed and produced by Bdash

Music industry discussion with’s CEO Venkat Subramanian about and his recent article: The Future of Music ... Off The Record
Tape Date: July 9, 2014

"With digital music sales overtaking CD sales, major labels are now looking for alternate revenue streams, including ringtones, merchandise, tours—everything but music. Record labels call it 360 degree deals. I call it the sign of things to come." - Venkat Subramanian.

Pirated downloading waaayy up but paid downloading waaayay down, changes lie ahead surrounding all aspects of how digital files are shared across the Internet, how the public accesses music and how music services will be "delivered" to the public in the future. Listen to entrepreneur, marketing advisor, professional musician and co-founder and CEO Venkat Subramanian talk about, his recently published article The Future of Music - Off The Record, and challenges facing independent artists looking for ways to successfully market their music via the Internet. Venkat is a professional musician and discusses how his love of music initially inspired him to create is a music sales and marketing platform referred to as the UnRecord Label & Music Store for independent music. For over 15 years Venkat has been a marketing professional primarily in the B2B space. He has extensive experience building brands, developing marketing communications and leading strategic marketing programs for global Enterprises. He also is an independent marketing advisor and digital marketing visiting faculty at a number of business schools.

LINKS: Connect with Venkat Subramanian at, on LinkedIn, and on Soundcloud.

Music Credits: Plan B instrumental composition composed and mixed by Saint Vee

The Stringman: Music Discussion with Professional Guitarist Marlo Henderson
Tape Date: May 24, 2014, 8:00 P.M. (PST)

Discussion with professional songwriter, producer, and guitarist supreme Marlo Henderson. Marlo earned a masters degree in music from USC and aside from being a producer and musician he has both taught and mentored up and coming and profesisonal musicians. Listen as Marlo shares stories from his early background, his influencers, his mentors, career highlights from the 70s, 80s, 90s through 2014. Marlo has achieved mega success. At the young age of 17 he began receiving respect within the music industry, by 21 he was working within the top echelon of performers. Along his path to professional status there was much going on, many great records made, memorable music sessions, tours, he gained a sea of perspective and realized so many amazing personal achievements. Listen as Marlo shares with RCO listeners just some of his endless stories from so many years of working with top music talents including: Taj Mahal, Ray Charles, James Brown, Quincy Jones, Ramsey Lewis, Michael Jackson, Minnie Riperton, Earth Wind and Fire, The Gap Band, The Pointer Sisters, The Emotions, Tata Vega, Syreeta Wright, Buddy Miles, Patrice Rushen, Maurice White, Booker “T” Jones, and Paulinho De Costa. He has played on a long list of top charting records including: Michael Jackson's Off The Wall album ... Early in the Morning - The Gap Band ... Love to Good to Last - The Pointer Sisters ... I Should Be Dancin' - The Emotions. No surprise his stories are both delightful and endless, Marlo has played on over 100 gold and platinum records over the past 50 years. He recently traveled to Shanghai China to scout talent for a play he scored the music for, East Meets West: It's Another Day, about the historical relationship between China and the United States, a riveting history Marlo has wonderfully set to music. Marlo penned five songs with motivational speaker Denise Cook aka The Oracle (winner of two Billboard Spoken Word awards) for her new CD The ORACLE Speaks ... just because. Marlo is still a sought after producer and session player. Great musicians improve with time. I am a big fan of Marlo's playing style and the sound of the guitars in his collection. His recording studio is located in Altadena, CA. View Marlo Henderson's Discography

Music Credits: I Should Be Dancin', and "Free Your Mind." Music written and composed by M5 Music Productions

Women In Sports: RCO Radio Speaks with Sportswriter Diana Hicks-Sherer
Tape Date: May 15, 2014

Conversation with author Diana Hicks-Sherer about her e-book World Champions Only. Diana Hicks-Sherer has worked in the professional sports industry since 1983, specifically she has worked with professional sports agents Michael Trope, Dennis Gilbert, and Ivory Black. She is a published columnist, and a seasoned sports enthusiast who has seen a lot of change within the professional sports industry working on and off the professional sports field as well as the professional boxing industry. She worked with the top echelon of NFL and NBA professional athletes. Contact:
Music Credits: I Should Be Dancin'. Music written and composed by M5 Music Productions

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