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Music Discussion: Producer/Singer/Songwriters Elijah Carreiro and Chris Bradford Join RCO Radio

Music Discussion: Tech-Savvy Producer Mark Bryan Discusses Virtual Music Making

Music Discussion: Cleveland Heights, Ohio Producer Bryan Houston aka Bdash joins RCO Radio
to Discuss Music, Music-making, Sampling, Music & Social Media

Music Discussion: Iapploud.com’s CEO Venkat Subramanian Joins RCO Radio
Discuss His Article: The Future of Music ... Off The Record

The Stringman: Music Discussion with Professional Guitarist, Producer and Songwriter Marlo Henderson

Women In Sports: RCO Radio Speaks with Sportswriter Diana Hicks-Sherer

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Creative Commons publishing rights allow music composers and artists the ability to publish and share
with the listening public via public, non-commercial download their original music, mixes, collaborations and other sound media.

Platinum sounds ... RCO Radio is 100% non-commercial radio-styled music sharing for discovery and enjoyment ...
my Sets comprise a blend of multi-genre downloads shared publicly or by direct linkshare to me by artists, composers and producers
whose artistry streams I follow and support on Soundcloud, FMA, Bandcamp, and You Tube.

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Platinum MegaHertz Musicshare Set 5 - Tracklist

1. Cassette Culture - Sov - Cosmos
2. Live Type - Embers - (Muewgs Remix, from the Cauldron EP)
3. Alexander - Koto
4. XELARAIN - Parallel
5. Neptune Steam Wave 900 - Yoshi
6. 0-led & Led - Discoinfection
7. Top Cats - Dazed
8. SFINNXBeats - Dreamer
9. Micro A - Autumn Jazz
10. Offcutz - Ride
11. M.Z. Boom Bap - Never Judge