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Minutes turn into hours so quickly when listening to great music ...

BROWSE the collection of multi-genre music playlists including soul, r&b, soothing ambient, oldies, chillout, beats, experimental,
k-pop, long-playing sets, trap, classic Soul Train and several featured artist playlists. Please visit often and share your music and media links.

Soundlandia is where I show love to the best ... the great music makers whose music I listen to and enjoy, and whose artistry streams I follow.
My music tastes are varied and free flowing thus my playlists refelct aerial mixes combining a wide variety of multi-genre, multi-generational music. Spread the happy.
The music makers ... their rhythms ... the voices ... the creativity and execution ... truly permanent earthly treasures. Thank you for the music you make and share.
Of life's best friends to know and have is a song.

from the msharmonictouch music profile on Soundcloud

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Michael E
Cut It Up
The Den 1
The Den 2
Textures 1
Textures 2
Textures 3
Pat Metheny
George Duke
Jazz Tea 1 of 2
Jazz Tea 2 of 2
Smooth Chill
Aleutkina Island
Tonal Extraction
Ludvig Cimbrelius
Classic Soul Train
Colors of Smooth
Live Performances 1
Divas Simply Singing
음악 ♥(((~‿~)))♥ 音楽
The Cinematic Orchestra
Mixed Classics A La Soul 1
Mixed Classics A La Soul 2
Best of and Greatest Hits Playlists

ALL THIS FINE MUSIC MAKING GOING ON ... IS STRENGTH all across this beautiful Planet the creation of music every second of every day is a great sign ... the music is well. I invite you to visit the music channels of the music-makers whose music is shared in my Soundcloud profile stream and my music playlists ... you may enjoy many cool music discoveries. Settings on all of my playlists restrict downloading but many artists allow downloads of their tracks so visiting the artists' profiles indeed has rewards. As a music listener my music trail is long and wide. I consider listening to music as enjoyment first, but also at times as forms of healing, spiritual nourishment, audial therapy, and also for songwriting. I curate music playlists on Rhythm Channel One on You Tube and Soundcloud. My playlists tend to be long, genre-varietal. Below is a linkpad where I show love to some of the producers whose artistry streams I follow by listing links to their music profiles. The music of my life is getting better daily ... this is a talented Planet, no matter where you go. Each day I make some form of music discovery that I enjoy due the large number of producers I follow. I am looking forward to resuming RCO Radio Platinum MHz Music Sets this summer. I will open each 60 minute Set with the RCO Radio Heat Tracks Music Report where the names of the tracks and the artist/producer will be broadcast. PMHz musicshares feature music that is available for free download, or music that has been directly shared with RCO Radio.

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More Music Discovery ... Aleutkina Island ...
from msharmonictouch

"Snowmelt - Reawakening," piano improvisation by Glenn Stallcop

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We'll Be Together Again
Cover of Thoughts, Version 1
written by Bard Kvale

Thank a Soldier